czwartek, 6 października 2016

Autumn... :)

It’s official: Autumn is coming! All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, The Mamas and The Papas were singing in their song “California Dreamin’”. Sweet summertime has come to an end and we’ll need to wait for the hot temperatures till next year. There is nothing better to do now then start preparing for the chilly weather. We’re digging up the warm and thick clothes in our wardrobes; we’re browsing the Internet to find what’s hot this season. Don’t forget about pastels and all shades of grey, velour clothes, oversized sweaters, hoodies and over-the-knee boots. Classic long coats are fashionable and loved by all fashion blogger girls, right? Don’t forget about it when preparing an elegant outfit as well as every-day addition to your unique style.
I’m writing about it because some time ago I have discovered an online shop where you can find the loveliest longer and shorter coats. Of course there are many more items there! I’m sure you’ll be able to find great things for your everyday outfits, check them up here: ---> LINK
They have gorgeous things online, all of them in different styles and cuts. Some of them are more expensive, but you’ll find the cheaper ones as well. Great thing about this particular shop is their great sales, so keep an eye on it!
I chose their long, grey coat which is really warm and the quality is fantastic. I’ve added a skirt in the shade of grey to it. Velour body on top and over-the-knee boots (I’m in love with this type of shoes. They match with almost all outfits and make you feel confident and sexy whatever you’re wearing – short or longer skirts, pants, shorts or dresses) Usually I add a purse for a final touch in an elegant look. Now I’ve decided to change it a bit and combine the outfit with a black backpack with golden zippers from Zaful (LINK) – I think it perfectly matches the elegant coat.

Fot. Marta Miklińska (

Coat - LINK
Backpack - LINK
Body - Stradivarius
Boots - Mohito

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  1. Już od kilku lat myślę o długich kozakach o oprócz funkcji estetycznej sprawdzają się pewnie też na chłoadniejsze dni, ale jakoś nie mogę się przemóc. Może muszę do nich "dorosnąć".

  2. Cudowny look, buty są przegenialne! ♥

  3. Wspaniale wyglądasz!